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What is Online Marketing?

As websites, online marketing and visibility specialists we are often asked to ‘fix’ search rankings and old websites for people.  But online marketing is not just about having a great website, or being top of the rankings.  It is also about connecting with your customers, no matter where they find you, to ensure increased opportunities to sell your products and services. Online Marketing and Visibility is made up of three very distinct strategies:

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Local Brand Visibility

Being visible in your market is about maximising opportunity to generate more sales. How well is your brand represented across the four fundamental internet marketing platforms – websites and SEO, google, social media and mobile? How much will your business’s growth be impacted if you do not embrace a changing marketing world?

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Inbound Lead Generation

Your business is now being found by Google and potential customers.  But are you still searching for more customers? How are you approaching your ideal customer? Are you running email marketing campaigns, remarketing to current customers? Tracking, developing and nurturing  your website leads helps  identify your return on investment and generate more sales.

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Target Specific Advertising

How are you currently advertising to promote your new campaign, product or service?  How are you tracking the success of your Google adwords campaigns? What are your unique offers so your customers to feel special? Are you needing to grow into a new market or enhance your brand visibility? Targeting and measurement is the key to getting results.

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 Did you know that 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds actively on a page?

Measuring the visibility and effectiveness of your website is now more than just measuring the amount of traffic, page views and click throughs.  It is about measuring engagement.  Content is, more than ever before key, as is measuring the impact of your email, social and online  campaigns with more sophisticated metrics, such as activity and reach.
Valuable audience engagement is all about QUALITY over QUANTITY. Valuable web and social insights is all about brand recognition and return on investment.


How do you know if your business is the right fit for the internet?

If you are looking for more sales, entry into new markets, or even just starting out… its time to take the jump into marketing on the internet.

This may mean you need a Facebook page, Google +, be mobile responsive, have a website, be doing  SEO and email marketing. And finding a way to see positive ROI from these platforms.
What is right for you is what we are here to help you with.

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What can you expect from Keep it Local Project?

Transparent Approach

We tell you, straight up how your campaigns are working, what is working well and what is not!  And if you want more than our standard reports are telling you…just ask!

Innovative Ideas

We are always on the look out for new techniques and new ways to enhance our services.  We always start with building a solid foundation, but imagination and looking ahead is inherent in what we do.

Solutions not Sales

We are not focussed on selling you a product – we are committed to ensuring the right solution fit for your specific needs.  If you don’t need a particular product, we will not sell it to you.  Simple.  If you want a trusted online partner – you have found them.

Local Support

Our commitment to local support goes beyond just having consultants in your region.  Local support to us means helping locally owned businesses compete in the marketplace, and supporting local charities wherever we can.

How do you survive in an era of digital revolution?

Do you want more customers?

Show your customers you understand their needs, and can solve their problem best.  Identify who is visiting your website, and turn these visitors into leads.

How to get more sales!

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Is your brand trusted?

Highlight to your customers who you are as a brand. Ensure your brand becomes known and trusted.

Remove the myths surrounding online marketing, and build a clear, results driven strategy and campaign.

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Why Mobile?

  • In 2014 Smartphone penetration has reached 84% of Australian population.
  • 61% of mobile searches are product information.
  • 86% of Smartphone searches are for local businesses.
  • Of that 88% have gone back to take action and contacted a business, with 39% going back to make a purchase.
  • Only 1 in 5 websites are mobile optimised.
  • 68% of consumers perform a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad. Get your smartphone smarts!

Social?? Do you need it?

  • 65% of Australians use social media, but only 30% of Australian small to medium businesses use social platforms
  • 77% of consumers admit they interact with businesses on Facebook before purchasing their products
  • 95% of social users have Facebook, and 45% of social users have access to social media platforms at least once a day.
  • 20% of all social media users use social media platforms to research products and services. 25% of social users follow brands.
  • Internet users read up to 4 reviews/blogs online before making a purchase decision.Click if you want help with your social brand!

We know we get results…our customers tell us!


Some business care about making a profit out of us, and some care about solving our problems and helping us grow. You and your team are always interested about how we are doing, our plans and what you can do to help us get there. It is refreshing , and I just wanted to pass my thanks to the team.  


Brian Weidman

Director, Office National Yatala

The Keep it Local Project initiative has definitely helped generate business. And the fact that they support local businesses become more productive and competitive is great because too many people buy elsewhere and not in their own town.


Tamara Larose

Owner, Party Shop Rockhampton